Cedar and Environment

Cedar Dental Care is committed to achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance and meeting all legislative environmental requirements.

Some of the areas we look at are:

  • All lights within the practice use low energy bulbs and outside lights are set on a timer.
  • The garden is not watered during the summer.
  • Cedar Dental Care has 3 trees which border the garden. The trees are home to approximately 10 nests of Rooks.
  • Staff and patients are encouraged to collect walnuts and fruit from the trees.
  • All staff are to ensure lights are switched off when not in use.
  • All radiators throughout the practice have their own internal thermostat and rear metal casing to reflect the heat back into the room.
  • All thermostats are set at a level where it is comfortable for staff and patients.
  • All staff are asked to switch off any electrical appliance when not in use, rather than leave on standby mode to reduce wasted electricity.
  • All staff ensure no tap is left running when they are using the water
  • Condensing boiler is fuel efficient.
  • All X-rays at the practice are taken using digital sensors. This avoids the use of toxic chemicals involved in film processing using fixatives and developer fluids and reduces radiation dosage to between 30% to 90% to the patient and staff.
  • Separate bins are within the practice solely for the use of recycling all tin cans, plastic bottles, glass, paper and cardboard.
  • Staff are encouraged to car share, cycle or walk where possible.