Covid-19 info

Last Updated: Friday, 20 May 2022


During the COvid-19 Pandemic,


We are asking patients to help by:  


1) Coming alone with the exception of children and patients with carers.


2) Please follow our one way system on entrance and exit.


3) Social distancing must be observed if another patient is present in the practice.


4) Sorry no hand shaking.


5) Please have any comfort breaks at home before you arrive, as we are keeping the use of our toilet facilities to a minimum.


6) Please do not arrive early - if necessary, you should wait in your car.


7) Please do not arrive if you do not have an appointment


8) If you show any symptoms of cough or flu like symptoms then please rearrange your appointments.


If you have to cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice so that we can offer the time to other patients waiting for treatment. We may make a charge for short notice cancellations and missed appointments. 


We hope this helps put your mind at rest that we are doing everything possible to keep our patients and staff safe.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions



Here is the Covid-19 procedure below




  • 1) We have created a 'one way' system. The ENTERANCE is from the A4 main road gate.


DSC_0219_copy.jpg           DSC_0210_copy.jpg.       


  • 2) Please stand at the 2 meter markings on the floor and stop at the yellow sign near the front door by the window. Our reception staff will see you through the window and invite you in.


  DSC_0222_copy.jpg.     DSC_0186_copy.jpg                    


  • 3) Please DO NOT OPEN THE FRONT DOOR. The front door is now automated, our recpetion staff will open and close the door for you.


DSC_0188_copy.jpg.        DSC_0189.jpg.           



  • 4) Please arrive wearing your own face mask. The reception staff will take your body temperature, ask you to sanitise your hands and provide you with disposeable gloves to wear. 




  • 5) In order to observe the social distance rule, the seating area in the lounge has been arranged to allow safe distance between each patient.




  • 6) We have added a protective barrier around the reception desk.


  • 7) All payments can be taken using Contactless, Credit/Visa cards or by phone.

         IMG_2373.jpg.         thumbnail_IMG_2372.jpg

  • 8) All dentists and nurses will be wearing their Full PPE kits. 


  • 9) We have Air Filtration Units that removes all viruses , bacteria, mercury vapour, odour, carbon and any street particulates. The outlet air is clean air to 99.5%. These units are in all our surgeries and in the reception area.  


  • 10) Every surgery has a powerful ventilation extraction system installed. This removes air in the room 20 to 25 times an hour.


  • 11) After each patient visit, the surgery is deep cleaned.


  • 12) At the end of each session we radiate the room with UVC light source and/or Electrostatic fogger to kill any virus and bacteria that may have settled. 


  • 13) After your visit, EXIT through the back gate near the Library.                                                                                                                                 .        


.     DSC_0249.jpg            




       DSC_0226.jpg        DSC_0223.jpg