5It is our practice policy to give patients full information about the costs of their dental work before any treatment is undertaken.

A written estimate and treatment plan will be provided when necessary.

A list of patient charges is displayed on our notice board.

You may pay for your dental care by cheque, cash, or credit/debit card.

Patients may join our In house ‘Dental Plan Direct Ltd’ capitation scheme. Please speak to your dentist or reception for further information.

We aim to make payment as straight forward as possible. Our normal policy is that patients are asked to pay for their treatment at their first visit or are asked to pay a proportion at each visit.

Please discuss fees with your dentist. Payment due on appointment.

Payment Fees

Adult - New patient consultation / diagnostic procedure in inc: xrays if necessary from £135.00
Child, Age 0-7 New patient consultation from £42.00
Child, Age 7+ - 14 New patient consultation from £53.00
Child, Age 14+ - 21 New patient consultation from £76.00
Adult - Consultation and examination from £48.00
Child - Consultation and examination from £30.00
X-Rays - Bite Wings from £39.00
X-Rays - Panoral

from £75.00

X-Rays - 3D

from £275.00

Scale and Polish by Dentist from £53.00
Treatment by Hygienist from £86.00 (for 30mins)
Gum treatment  by Hygienist from £175.00 (for 1 hour)
Fissure sealant per tooth      from £38.00
Fillings - White from £82.00
Fillings - Amalgam from £82.00
Endodontic treatment  (Root fillings) - Incisors from £300.00
Endodontic treatment  (Root fillings) - Premolars from £445.00
Endodontic treatment  (Root fillings) - Molars from £515.00
Endodontic Kit from £100.00
Crowns/ Post Crowns/ Veneer/ Full Gold Crowns/ Gold Inlays (materials vary) from £580.00
Dentures - Full dentures (single) from £690.00
Dentures - Partial Acrylic (single) from £580.00
Dentures - Chrome colbalt (single) from £1430.00
Dentures - Partial Valplast (single) from £370.00
Bridges (per unit) from £560.00
Extractions (per tooth) from £130.00
Surgical - Apicectomy from £320.00
Surgical - Wisdom teeth removal from £320.00
Surgical - Difficult removal from £320.00
Artificial Bone Placement from £320.00
Periodontal surgery (gum surgery)

from £215.00 - £690.00 per quadrant

Implants (single) from £2500.00
Anti-snore device from £460.00 - £2400
Sports gum shield - clear from £93.00
Sports gum shield - coloured from £124.00
Tooth whitening/ cosmetic - Home kit from £435.00
Tooth whitening/ cosmetic - Zoom 2 from £665.00
Invisalign (Invisible braces)  
Invisalign (Invisible braces) Simple (up to 7 Aligners) from £2500.00
Invisalign (Invisible braces) Medium (up to 14 Aligners) from £3500.00
Invisalign (Invisible braces) Complex (14 plus Aligners) from £4500.00
Review and presecription from £38.00
Emergency call-out (out of hours) from £190.00 - £320.00
Dental Plan Direct Ltd emergency call-out £15.00 approx.
Emergency appointment (Mon - Friday) from £60.00 per visit
Email correspondence (per email) from £64.00

NHS Patient Charges

Band 1 £22.70
Band 2 £62.10
Band 3 £269.30